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Murals for Koko Zerm snack shop

Acrylic paintings

"Catch" - an Installation for the seychelles lockdown Bienalle

As the corals bleach and crumble into rubble, the lives of sea creatures are changing. And so are ours. The time has come to open our eyes and believe what we see.

Materials: Coral fragments (Acropora sp., Galaxea fascicularis, Pocillopora sp., Porites sp.) that died due to several factors including human disturbance, disease, and high water temperatures. Part of a rope that I found tied to a Hawksbill sea turtle at Anse Marie Louise (freed with the help of friends). Broken wire and mesh trap previously used to monitor the population of terrapins in the wetlands of Anse Intendance. Fishing line found on the side of the road. A ball of string found in my apartment.

Notes: This project was done in collaboration with Savio Lesperance. The corals were returned to the ocean where they were originally gathered after completion of this piece.

Byenal Sesel 2020 (Seychelles Biennale) postponed to August 2021


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marine conservation society Seychelles website update & redesign

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